In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with USA Today Best Selling Author Linda West.

After breaking a code in the Mayan Calendar and winning a scholarship into the rainforest with top scientists from around the world (including Terrence Mckenna) to do research, Linda channeled her first breakthrough book on the science of frequencies and the law of attraction – THE FREQUENCY. Linda is a clairaudient and a direct channel for the angel White Eagle. She has her degrees in MA, MSD, CCDS and equine therapy. She is a top expert on manifesting with vibrations and has over four million views on her self-help videos on Youtube. She counsel people all around the globe via skype on how to use their sixth sense to create the life and love they dream of. Dating and relationship coaching is a sacred work as she believes nothing matters in the end but LOVE.

The Frequency was written to help you tap into the amazing manifestation powers that you possess, and how to harness and use them to get exactly what you want.This book is dedicated to the mastery of all your desires. The greatest gift you have been given is your imagination and passion. Everything that has ever existed and will ever exist sits waiting for you simply to love it enough to make it materialize. So often people fail at the art of manifesting because they do not FEEL true passion for what they want. They think they want it, but if they did their would be a love and spark that ignited the frequency to pull it in.

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