New York-based artist Shah Leezy drops off his brand new album “Beans, Rice, & Lamb” following up this year’s Strictly 4 My Habibi’s project and marking his second full-length release of 2020. Shah Leezy wastes no time getting straight to bars on his latest release. On “Speak My Peace,” Shah steps up to the plate like a leadoff batter knocking this one out of the park. More of that soulful, feel-good production and nothing but raw bars coming from Leezy throughout his 6-track project. Other standout tracks include “Halal Kush,” featuring swinging drum patterns and a dreamlike sample, Shah Leezy takes time to break down his roots, religion, and the almighty kush that keeps him sane. With most of the country on lockdown down to COVID-19, now is the perfect time to discover a new artist you love and Shah Leezy is definitely that guy. Quickly building up his discography to an impressive stash, Leezy shows being prolific and proficient is no problem for him. Holding it down for all the Habibi’s, Shah Leezy remains true to his Muslim roots while making music anyone can relate to and hits a sweet spot for lovers of that classic East Coast Rap sound. Tap in with Shah Leezy on Twitter and press play on his new release “Beans, Rice, & Lamb” available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and more! Also as a bonus hit the link below to purchase exclusive Shah Leezy and support this rising independent artist!
Shah Leezy – Beans, Rice, & Lamb

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More Information on Shah LeezyShah Leezy hails from the borough of Staten Island, home of the Wu-tang Clan. He fell in love with hip hop at the age of seven imitating his favorite rappers. By the time he was 13, he began writing his own raps and honing his craft. Leezy brings a different style to the table by representing his middle-eastern roots through his music. Shah is Persian and tells his stories about growing up in a post 9/11 era in New York City.

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