Shah Leezy makes his return with the official release of his new project The Iron Sheik Tape, plus the bonus release of the Official Music Video for “The Main Event.” 

Following up the release of Shah’s underground classic “Beans, Rice, and Lamb,” this up and coming rapper is sharp and wiser than ever. Sampling classic wrestling clips of The Iron Sheik to add the nostalgia Shah Leezy once again shows his beat selection is flawless and flow is on point with his new release. “The Iron Sheik Tape” finds Shah Leezy as comfortable as ever, giving listeners hard-hitting bars from the opening gate. Shah Leezy’s sound is retro without being dated giving nod to golden era New York Hip Hop. For fans who still appreciate lyricism, Shah Leezy’s new 5-track project is a must-have to round out 2020. With production ranging from soulful to gospel, Shah Leezy destroys everything in his path on this new tape. 

Catch up with Shah and team on “The Main Event” now available on YouTube and be sure to press play on “The Iron Sheik Tape” available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more! 

Shah Leezy – The Iron Shiek Tape

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