“I’m Shock-Green, the one who put the broccoli in your pasta.”

Over the years I’ve been actively trimming the fat from my lifestyle in an effort to shrink my environmental feetpreezy. Here’s a few things I’m mad proud of:
Tell me if I qualify as green yet?

Since ’05 I now recycle my trash at home, always, as a rule.

HUMPTY: “Me too! I drop her back at the same bar I found her.”

Since ’02 I stopped hot-rodding huge V8 gas-hogs and have driven little 4-bangers & V6’s instead. When time permits, I park and use public transit; it’s fun, and I get to people-watch. Many witnesses around Oakland and LA will testify that they’ve seen me on buses and trains for the entire 20 years that Digital Underground has existed. In one of my favorite Common verses he says, “Sometimes I take the bus home, just to touch home.” Yup, me too.

HUMPTY: “No, you take the bus because “Kiss u Back” didn’t sell like “The Humpty Dance” did! AAH HA!!

Since ’06 I’ve stopped purchasing leather products, even ordered my new car (2010 V6 Camaro RS, 27 mpg HWY) with cloth interior rather than the much more pimpish leather buckets. This was a tough one for me!

Honestly, I still may occasionally wear a leather product, but only if I find it second-hand so that no additional animals were harmed. Soon I plan to not even do that.

HUMPTY: “Yeah, but that’s cause you a broke-ass nigga!”

Since the beginning of Digital Underground, all of Humpty’s fur coats and stage outfits have been faux fur, never real, not once. This includes:

-The white hat in the Humpty Dance video:

-The matching hat & long coat stage outfits from the early ’90s stadium tours (We had 3 or 4 of these made by Western Costume in Hollywood; they also did Madonna and Michael Jackson’s outfits):

– And of course the matching outfit from the Dan Akroyd movie:

HUMPTY: “Why you snitching on fools? STOP SNITCHIN!”

Since about ’05 I’ve been using the “Seventh Generation” earth-friendly paper and cleaning products.

HUMPTY: “That’s HELLA gay! I don’t even know you any more dude!”

Since ’04 I’ve converted to a meatless diet – vegetarian out in the world and full vegan at home. I might eat fish 5 or 6 times a year for the health-vital omega 3 oils, but that’s it. No meat, milk, cheese, and no problems.
By the way, a vegetarian diet lowers a person’s environmental footprint even more than driving a hybrid or recycling does and I do all three. Even a vegetarian who drives a huge old school V8 uses less planetary energy than a meat eater who drives a Prius and recycles. Here’s a tight article about it: http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/why.html

HUMPTY: “Yeah but you still eat vagina! How vegan is that?”

Over the years I’m constantly blogging and turning friends on about the golden reward in living green. You feel better, live longer, improve your karma and help save the world while you do it. It’s a win-win-win-win.

HUMPTY: “Hypothetical, political, lyrical, miracle whip!”

Shock-G’s Writings on Greenism:

“Meat and Crack vs. Heroin & Meth; Who’s the Biggest Killer?”

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