Snoop Dogg sat down at the Sirius studios today (Nov. 28) with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss anything and everything! Of course Snoop is promoting his new album Malice N Wonderland (in stores December 8), but there were so many other random topics in this interview!

What does it take to be a boss? Why did Snoop go Bollywood? How hood did he get with Malice N Wonderland? What kind of music gets the ladies in bed? How does Snoop feel about T-Pain? Why does Snoop love Usher so much? Would he ever call the cops if a girl key*d his car? What advice does he have for 50 Cent’s camp?

He may not be a math wiz, but Snoop sure does know how to work the numbers!!! Watch this exclusive and get up on some pimpin’!

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