and their joke of a head coach, Eric Mangini. Look, to all the people who may read or skim this blog, this will be as blunt, uncut and forthright an entry as I probably ever will write. Eric Mangini and his fat, arrogant, gum chewing, passive ways needs to be fired. He was good back in 2006 when he took a team nearly devoid of any talent and brought them to the playoffs with innovative schemes and aggressiveness, and actually playing to win. Now he coaches football like Mr Softee, but that isn’t even the biggest issue with him. This team is NEVER prepared, and they have been unprepared, lackadaisical and emotionless for the most part this season and it is disheartening. The team has no identity on offense, and plays this bend but don’t break nonsense which makes average QBs look wonderful and bad QBs look average.

What exactly did Eric Mangini do to get this job anyway? He was a defensive backs coach on a terrible pass defense for a season when the Jets decided to try and emulate the Patriots (god knows they’ve been doing this for WAY too long), but I digress as that is not even the point of this. Every single god forsaken game the Jets play you leave the game wondering ‘Who the hell is this collection of morons’ running the ship? Not one game this season have the Jets been well coached. NOT ONE. Do you know how pathetic that is? And that reached its pinnacle yesterday when Mangini was outcoached by Tom Cable. Yes, that’s right, the coach of the most pathetic franchise in the NFL.

The Jets ran the ball as they so pleased yesterday as the Raiders were hell bent on taking away Brett Favre and the threat of the big play. They did that successfully as they harrassed Favre all day, as he made his trademark stupid decisions (see the blind hurl to Hall at the end of the 4th) and forced Jones to beat them, which he did somewhat successfully as he had a boatload of yardage and did whatever he wanted with the Raiders defense except score. While I am not criticizing Jones for his game yesterday, an average back scores 3 long TDs yesterday. Jones simply cannot make anyone miss and it was on display yesterday as Jones had several opportunities to ‘hit a homerun’ and did not do so. Now, with Jones running the ball the way he was, you would think the Jets would have run a playaction fake somewhere in the second half? Throughout the fourth quarter and overtime I am sitting there waiting (more like hoping) for the playaction since the Raiders were literally sticking their entire team in the box. But the Jets coaching staff sat there with their collective finger up their collective ass, and ran, ran some more then ran some more. I have no issue with them pounding the rock, but what I do have an issue with is not running a single playaction pass, as well as running the ball the entire overtime period. The Jets were essentially waiting for the Raiders to hand them the game instead of going out there and taking it. This type of playcalling and general nature around the team has been going on for the last two seasons, and it absolutely repulsive.

My issues with Eric Mangini and the rest of this incredibly putrid coaching staff: That dumbass clueless look on Mangini’s face no matter how the game is going. No matter the events in the game he has this same emotionless face and is chewing gum. I don’t care about yelling and screaming and all that stuff, but could you at least look like you give a damn?

– The overly conservative, play not to lose, soft as charmin garbage playcalling that we Jets fans have to endure on a weekly basis. We trade for Brett Favre, and upgrade from one of the worst QBs in the league, yet we are running the same damn offense we ran last year. Why? What sense does that make? I understand it isn’t feasible to throw 40 yard bombs every play, but can we see a 20 yard post? Can we see a playaction? – The use of Kerry Rhodes/the insistence on not putting any legitimate players around him and Darrelle Revis. Nobody has thrown at Revis or Rhodes all season long. Why is that? When you have the human turnstile (Eric Smith) and a rookie who was a 4th round draft pick, why would you throw near Revis or Rhodes? While I think very highly of Darrelle and have since the day we drafted him, does anyone think he is THAT good to the point where he hasn’t been thrown at 10 times all year? I don’t. I am not sitting here expecting a pairing of LaRon Landry and Kerry Rhodes (even though we could’ve traded Vilma to Washington and realistically made this happen), or a pairing of Darrelle Revis and Champ Bailey, but is it so hard to have two competent guys around our two very good players? Why the hell is Eric Smith still on the team let alone starting? Oh I forgot, he’s smart, hard working and cares about football. Do those things make up for not having any talent, or not knowing how to play the safety position? By the way I am absolutely sick of ‘hard working, smart and cares about football’ Chad Pennington was all of the above and Eric Mangini swore for him like he was his son. Why? No idea. I guess it’s the glaring lack of talent that Eric likes.

I like Dwight Lowery and he is playing well for a rookie 4th round draft selection, but is it really the smartest thing to have him out as the #2 CB when:

A) Our LBs in the middle are very shaky when it comes to pass coverage
B) Our pass rush (the pansy, soft as charmin, play not to lose 3 man rushes certainly don’t help) isn’t anywhere close to good enough to cover up liabilities much like the Giants is. I can’t believe anyone actually thinks Aaron Ross is any good. Whenever the QB has a shred of time to throw the ball, he gets beaten and abused.

-The lack of adjustments. The gameplan isn’t working, Mangini stands there with that dumbass look on his face meanwhile we continue to do whatever isn’t working. I mean, how many times on 3rd down has the Jets defense rushed 3, watched the QB stand in the pocket until the next damn lunar eclipse and complete a pass for a first down? Hello, Coach, you have a rookie CB, a flat out garbage nickel back, and MLBs who have trouble in the pass game. Might want to try and say, I don’t know, put pressure on the damn QB?

-The consistent sticking with favorite players no matter how much they suck and/or struggle. He stuck with Chad Pennington far too long, he stuck with Jonathan Vilma far too long (oh look Vilma just made another tackle 15 yards downfield), only god knows what his obsession with Eric Smith is, etc. If the players are bad, why keep playing them?

There are many others but I could conceivably write a book on my problems with this clown and the rest of the clowns on his staff. Bottom line is this, I think the Jets are talented enough, especially with a depleted AFC, to make the postseason and I believe they will in spite of this utterly moronic coaching staff. That being said, we will never take any strides with Eric Mangini as coach. Woody Johnson, the Jets owner, needs to cut bait with that entire coaching staff as soon as possible, before its too late.

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