P Money was born to make music. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan he was always into music. As a little kid in the 3rd grade he played an instrumental called the precorder. He went from that to playing clarinet when he got into the 4th grade. P Money was the best player in his school and would usually get picked for the solos. “My teacher would always come to me and ask me to do the solos for every school concert we did.” P Money (real name Paul Taylor) was one of the best players in his entire school. As he went on to middle school there was no instrument program, which meant he had to find another form of music. “I loved playing instruments but when I realized I couldn’t play any more I decided to go after something else.”

Go after something else is exactly what he did. In the sixth grade he had a school project in his class that was for learning how to create and manage your own business. The class had to pick a job and get there business started around school. Many of the kids had jobs like cleaning services, nail care, and others but P Money knew what he wanted his business to be. “I wanted to do something with music so I decided my groups business would be a recording studio.” His business was not a big success and did not turn out the way he wanted or had planned.

Still dedicated to his music P Money went to his mom for help. His mom had a friend who owned his own recording studio. He went to the studio for the first time and was really amazed by it. “As soon as I walked in the door I knew this was for me.” After his first studio encounter he was really focused on writing songs. He went back and studied some of the classic albums made by people like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and others. “My mom would have me listen to RUN DMC to study what kind of messages they were getting across.” His favorite rapper is Jay-Z so he would really study and pay attention to Jay’s flow.

After P Money developed his own style and became a good writer and freestyler he started rapping for his classmates at school. Going from table to table rapping for his peers was a lot of fun for him. He would rap for just about anyone who would listen to him. “I would go from person to person rapping even if they didn’t want to hear me (laughs) I still rapped for them.” As P Money gets older his flow develops with him. “I’m really trying to become the artist that I want to be and not what the industry thinks is a great artist, I find that most of the successful artist in the game became that way because they stayed true to themselves.” Now as the self proclaimed Prince of Detroit P Money feels like he is ready for the next big step. He goes by a motto that sums up his determination that motto is “I Will Not Lose”



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