0K is not just a rap group: it’s a family-based movement. Essentially, each member of the project is also a great solo artist, sharing unique stories with the audience.

The movement formed as Mr. Mase and Breedo Washington had a lot of experience doing music, and had a studio for them to use…the rest is history. The best thing about 10K is that each member of the movement writes differently, since each individual has a different style. The variety is amazing when it all comes together, allowing 10K to achieve a broad and fantastic sound. Their debut mixtape is a perfect example the release is titled “10 Kings” and it is a great taste of the movement’s unique approach and skills.

Hailing from Alabama, their music is truly forward-thinking, inspired by some of the best hip-hop performers of their generations.

10K are quickly growing a dedicated fan base, due to their sharp approach to lyrics, quick-witted rhymes and forward-thinking production values.

Their single releases and the songs featured on their debut mixtape showcase their talent and mad skills. “Designer,” “Stack It & Flip It,” & “Hit The K,” are available on Google, iTunes, Tidal and many more platforms. The lyrical flow is direct and punchy, inspired by the golden age of old school rap, while looking up to the hottest artists in the contemporary scene. Many of their tracks have a heavy, yet melodic sound, which combines powerful beats, cinematic melodies, great lyrics and thought-provoking vocal performances.

Recently,10K has been working hard to keep building a solid fan base, not only releasing quality music, but also learning the dos and don’ts of the music industry, which can be at times challenging.

10k has brushed shoulders with OG Bobby Johnson who is in their video. They opened for one of hottest artists out Derez Deshon In Nashville, Tennessee. 10k has headlined one of the biggest youth events in the Midwest. Performed at the Taylor Girlz celebrity event in Atlanta GA. Gave back by performing at a boys & girls club in Atlanta GA.

Find out more about 10K and don’t miss out on the artist’s upcoming releases, events and activities. Each single artist in the 10K movement can also be booked separately as a solo act!

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Masceo of G.D.B Ent.

Shaun Ross of New No Limits

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