Atlanta rapper Vvsnce fires off a clip of girl power with her new “Joker” visual, over a track produced by Grammy-winning songwriter / producer Tasha Catour. 
“This song came about when I was in Miami,” Vvsnce explains. “I had taken six month break from music to get my personal life back on track, because I felt like it was going to shambles! When this beat came on, I felt every key! In most of my songs I’m melodic, so on ‘Joker’ I wanted to show everyone I have many different waves.” 

As Vvsnce records new tracks for her upcoming project Clarity, she definitely has a clear vision for her direction. “I’m not hungry for my dreams anymore…I’m STARVING!! My music is like chapters to a book, that so happens to be my story. With my new music, I look forward to people being more comfortable with themselves and the things they’ve been through or might be going through, and realize everyone has been through something similar, if not that exact situation.” 

Watch the visual below, and get “Joker” on your favorite digital platform here

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