Shot by Tanny Manana and edited Nick Barbieri in Bangkok, Thailand – Calo and Radio turn up in their new visuals while sliding all over the track at the same time. A neck-breaking beat and catchy trap melodies lead the way for these two young artists to talk their shit. Big Calo, from the legendary hip hop group Thaitanium, is easily one of the most prolific artists in South East Asia, while our guy Radio3000 has recently been featured by MTV Asia on their re-launch of Yo MTV Raps, making “No Cap” a truly international, all-star collaboration. With Radio3000 originally hailing from Northern California and Big Calo from Tampa, FL – it hasn’t been an easy road for these artists to go from local rappers to be on the brink of International Stardom but “No Cap,” these two are on to something big. 
With added animation from Mumbot, “No Cap” is a visual delight and even nicer on the ears. Available on all digital streaming platforms and most importantly now playing on YouTube, be sure to run “No Cap” back a few times and tap in with Big Calo and Radio3000 on Twitter! 

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