Brooklyn emcee/producer JK1 presents “Overstood”, the new single from Hip-Hop Doesn’t Love You Back, his forthcoming debut solo album featuring A.G. of D.I.T.C. and Roc Doogie. Currently residing in Tampa Bay, FL, JK1 released three volumes of his 1st Come 1st Served series (Bandcamp) and produced the bulk of Queens emcee Truth’s 2016 album From Ashes To Kingdom Come (watch the music video for “New Type Of Something” featuring Sean Price). JK1 is a former member of Connecticut-based underground collective Antfarm Affiliates, and his former crew Phenetiks landed a spot on the Rawkus 50 in 2007. “The title Hip-Hop Doesn’t Love You Back started off as a joke that came from a conversation with a close friend,” JK1 says. “Basically talking about all the work we did together years ago, and the love we did it with. Fast forward a bit, and now it’s less of a joke and more of an acknowledgement of where things are with my personal relationship with music, and my surroundings. Last year I lost my wife and partner of 14 years to stage 4 cancer. I wasn’t going to finish this project, but after losing my wife… it’s one of very few things that kept me going. She’s my inspiration for everything I do going forward.”

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