Seattle rapper Macntaj bounces back gracefully from the alleged-Tory Lanez song and video theft with more unique and hilarious visuals, this time for his single “Eggs In The Trap.”
What started out with a few text messages and ended up exploding worldwide were the undeniable similarities in Macntaj’s video and song “Hood Burger” and Tory Lanez’s new release “Boink, Boink” both taking place in a dinner, using a similar style of production, and more. Tory Lanez, obviously not new to controversy or even alleged-song theft, seemed to take another L on this release as the fans and media have appeared to side with Macntaj. From Reddit message boards, YouTube comments, a Hot New Hip Hop feature, and more it’s clear Macntaj has come out a winner in this hilariously, strange story.
Seattle artist Macntaj has been steadily dropping some of the best music videos in Hip Hop whether you know it or not. Located in Seattle, WA – Mactnaj first broke onto the music scene with his work with Bloc Star Entertainment and since then he’s been blazing quite the trail of his own in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Linking up with the Tik Tok sensation Keshawn (300K Followers), Macntaj and company broke into an abandoned mall to shoot the off the wall visuals from “Freefall.” Shot and edited by Justin Frick & Gage Sohler, “Freefall” opens up with cinematic, movie-like shots that feel like a scene from DAVE and quickly turns into a crazy house. 
Stunning visuals aside, Mactnaj really raps – eating the track up with his rapid-fire double-time flow and hilarious tongue in cheek wordplay. Keshawn steps on the track add just the right amount of drip with his high-energy content and delivery. With enough music videos to keep you glued to his YouTube channel all day, Macntaj’s latest release “Freefall” is on another level production-wise and highly impressive for an independent artist funding his own career. It’s only a matter of time before Seattle’s Macntaj is a household name in hip hop with a highly prolific output and enough charisma to pack a room. 
Watch the Official Music Video for “Freefall” and be sure to follow Macntaj on Instagram and Twitter to keep with his new music. 

More Information on Macntaj

Seattle-based rapper and vocalist, Macntaj, has lived in two worlds since early childhood. The son of a broken marriage, Taj bounced between his mother’s toxic household in south Seattle and his Ghanian father’s spiritual lifestyle on Seattle’s affluent Mercer Island.

At 15, gang life beckoned and offered Taj the respect he hoped would be an antidote to his anger and the negativity that formed the fabric of his home life. What it did offer was an initiation into a brotherhood that spanned Seattle and the notorious Garden Blocc neighborhood in Sacramento.
In his 20s, Macntaj found that the psychology of gang life no longer interested him. But he knew that he would never leave the relationships he had built. With the full support of his brothers in Seattle and Sac, Macntaj has focused his efforts and energy fully on music.

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