Los Angeles-based artist Roc-O-Star presents the music video for his self-produced new single “Driving”. Roc-O-Star was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana by his biological parents before being sent into foster care. “Growing up on your own often meant you have to do what you have to do to survive, and I did – you either hustle or you don’t eat,” he says. “I’ve slept on many streets until I was finally able to save enough money to live a more settled life.” Over the years Roc-O-Star developed his sound, a mix of rock, soul and hip-hop which he calls ‘thought music’. “Driving” is the first installment of his forthcoming EP Face 2 Face, a story in five parts which will be told through sound and visuals. He produces all his own music, and currently has a catalog of 3,500 unreleased songs. His music has been placed with Puma Stage, FitBit, Xbox, Apple and Coca-Cola. He has toured in Germany, China & Japan. Furthermore, he was the lead singer for Black Steel Rose on the Bamboozled and Warped Tour. Roc-O-Star says “Driving” is about “taking risks and the recompenses of such risks. For every action, there is a reaction, good or bad.”

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