Southern California hip hop artist Saint presents the Eric Munoz-directed music video for his self-produced new single “Only On A Cloudy Day”. Saint’s last full-length release was Too Boozed Too Cruuz (watch “Live Life Like A Party”), and he’s working on a collaboration with 2nd II None (stream an unfinished version of “It’s Got Me Feeling Like”). Saint has opened up for Tha Eastsidaz, Chino XL, LuckyIAm of Living Legends, Artifacts and 2Mex, and is currently working on Collaborative Minds, an album where he will feature one local artist and one famous artist on each track. “There’s something about a cloudy day,” Saint says about the track. “While others get the blues from the gloominess I see it as the perfect day to be inspired. Cuddle up for a little bit, stay in your pajamas, light up the doobie, and watch some cartoons before you hit the studio. Sunny days are great too, don’t get me wrong, but as a December baby I got to stick to my cold weather, and cloudy days is where I draw the inspiration to this song from.”

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