Nu Revolution Entertainment would like to present Wordsmith’ new UK single/video, “Tour Guide To New Bride” directed by D-Dot Films. This is the second single on his debut album “Vintage Experience” in stores March 30th. This single is a break from the regular commercial Hip-Hop singles as it conveys a unique story to the listener. With a catchy hook, his lyrics and storytelling ability allow you not only dance in a club, but also get a kick out of how witty the song was put together.

“Vintage Experience” is broken up into 4 chapters with unique scores and plays out like a “Movie on Wax.” The material, in general, ranges from songs Wordsmith wrote/recorded from 2006 to 2009 with all the production coming from in-house producers Strada, Professa, Capish and Street Level. The features were kept to a minimum with only Chubb Rock, Camp-Lo, Grand Daddy I.U., Soulstice, Kontact & Black Knight and local DMV stars Kimia Collins and Whitefolkz lending verses on the album.

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