Big Cheeko hails from East Atlanta Georgia. He is releasing his first music project, House Shoes & Gold Watches, November 22, 2012. On the Kush & Orange Juice tour with Wiz Khalifa and his good friend and new Taylor Gang artist Tuki Carter formerly of Hollyweerd, Big Cheeko realized he needed a creative outlet of his own. He returned to Atlanta determined to showcase his own art. The first song he recorded after the tour was entitled Moonshine. The engineer that recorded the song, Cope Till, told Big Cheeko that he could not just put this one song out by itself. He needed to build a project around it, because Moonshine was something different.

After more recording time a young lady told Cheeko he should name the project after the house shoes and gold watches he always wore in the studio. And thus an outlet had opened up. House Shoes & Gold Watches is the platform for Big Cheeko to make his first appearance as an artist by doing something different than everyone else. Now in Atlanta, Big Cheeko will release this project, and continue working keen on a quick follow-up.

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