Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode we politick with Detroit producer/rapper Dux Jones.

Dux Jones (Pronounced “Duke”) this Detroit, Michigan native found his true calling when he fell in love with music. Dux dedicated himself to becoming the ultimate emcee and producer. You might not recognize the name Dux Jones however if you have played NBA2K Chances are you have heard his song “Pourin it on” that he wrote, produced and performed additional you have most likely played NBA2k to track produced by Dux’s on the video game for he has production credits.

Dux for the past year have been working producing tracks for television, placements on video games and submission to other artist. As far as Dux the Artist his single was P.L.M. was shot in London, England. His influences vary; a huge fan of all types of music, movies, and art, Dux Jones would argue that it’s those pieces that “grab the soul” inspire him to reach beyond the song.

In 2008 he halted just long enough to convene with fellow Visionaries, Bey. Together they formed The “Uncanny” Loser Crew, a trinity of masterfully creative minds, devoted to Peace, Love and Enlightenment. Records like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and movies like the Hughes Brothers’ Menace II Society balance Dux between fantasy and reality and allow him to create a world “Where Every Thing’s Different,” but still a reflection of his personal experience. Detroit births a distinct sound; a sound filled with pain, love, passion, fear, faith and strength, Dux plans to continue the legacy.

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