New York City emcee Richard Pigkaso presents the Strategic Filmz-directed music video for his new single “YoYoMan To The Rescue”, produced by Yonkers-based artist The Cauze and featuring guest appearances from Joey Lambz and J. Garc. Born and bred in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, Richard’s new single is a nod to his passion for yo-yos, which has taken him to competitions worldwide. “YoYoMan” will appear on Richard’s forthcoming album _Something Different_. His first mixtape was YoYos Vol. 1: I’m Just Venting (listen) and he recently released the “Gloria Freestyle” (listen). “I’m mixing an old school feel with a dope fresh sound,” Richard says regarding his musical approach. Regarding his new single he says “He so cool, so fly, he is the YoYoMan! He is here to save the day with his amazing yoyo tricks and funky fresh rhymes! Will he prevail? We will have to wait and see.”


How did you get the idea to incorporate yo-yos into hiphop?

I’ve been yo-yoing on and off for over 13 years. When I would write freestyles or come up with songs, I would always do yoyo tricks to help me. I considered it therapeutic whenever I couldn’t come up with any lines. I decided to combine my yoyo tricks with my songs and it worked PERFECTLY. I tested it out at my first show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and the crowd went insane over it. People were amazed not only at my song, but at my tricks as well.

What are the different reactions you’ve received?

For the most part, people love it. When people even see a yoyo, it brings back your childhood when you use to try to do Walk the Dog or Rock the Baby. However, there have been few times when people said to me “your rhymes were great, but you didn’t need to yoyo” or “yo-yoing and hiphop don’t mix” I tell them that it’s a part of me, and it’s something I want to bring to the culture.

You’re from the birthplace of hiphop, the Bronx. How has the hiphop scene changed and evolved there?

The Bronx is a melting pot of hiphop. Growing up, there wasn’t really anyone like that popping except Fat Joe, Big Pun, and Jennifer Lopez. I met a lot of people at different showcases from the Bronx always bringing something new and out of this world. The bars are crazier, the stage presence is alluring, and the crowd reaction is always positive.

What’s your favorite rap album of all time and why?

Redman “Doc’s Da Name 2000”. That album made my entire childhood. The lyrics that Red was spitting were like a dragon burning down a village. When you hear “I’ll Bee Dat” and “Da Goodness” you can’t help but get hyped and nod your head. I inspire to emulate him even when I perform.

Where do you think you excel: in the studio or onstage? And why?

Onstage because that’s where I can shine not only with my music but with my yoyo tricks. I can show the world an insane style of yoyo tricks and crazy bars. I feel really comfortable around an audience and it makes me want to lash out and show them something different. I can show them my personality, and at the same time, give them an amazing performance with a yoyo.

Richard Pigkaso – YoYoMan to the Rescue feat. Joey Lambz & J. Garc

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