Southern California emcee Loose Logic presents the music video for “No Shame”, the new single from Reflections, his forthcoming album featuring JL of B.Hood. Loose is recipient of the All Access Magazine Music Award “Best Hip-Hop Artist of The Year”, the O.C. Music Awards’ “Best Urban Artist of the Year”, and was also named a “Top 100 Unsigned Artist” by Music Connection Magazine. “No Shame” was produced by Soleternity, the beatsmith behind singles with Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne. Loose has several full-length releases under his belt, and has collaborated with Jadakiss (stream “Dumb It Down”), RBX (stream “Turn To Dust”) and Jay Rock (stream “Never Sleep”). Loose has opened for and performed with Mos Def, Too Short, DMX, Pitbull, KRS-1, DJ Quik, Ying-Yang Twins, Strong Arm Steady and Evidence. He is also a founding member of rap group The Fraternity. “‘No Shame’ is about trying to find meaning in existence and a reason to not give up in different aspects of life; that meaning comes in many forms,” Loose says about his new single. Reflections drops October 6 on Passion Play Productions.

Why have you named your new album Reflections?

I wanted a title that captured what I was attempting to accomplish musically and lyrically with this album. There is a lot of revisiting my past on this project whether it be using the same beat maker that I used on my first album or referencing past song titles. I wanted to incorporate the essence and vision of my novice efforts into the style and technical maturity that my music has grown into. This album is all about me reflecting on my past while the listener is seeing my reflection for the first time.

What do you feel is the strongest line you’ve ever written and why?

That is a very difficult thing to single out when there are so many different lines that could be considered the strongest for many different reasons – strongest punch line, strongest emotional line, strongest conceptual line etc. If I had to pick one it would be a simple observation – “And now she looks how she felt on the inside”. The reason I chose this line when there are many other “one liners” I could pick from is the meaning behind it. This line is taken from a song I wrote about an ex of mine that passed away – the exact reason behind her death weather accidental or suicide is still undetermined but she was depressed and not in the best place emotionally. She ended up on the train tracks in front of a train and that is why I chose that line to end my song “Beautiful Nightmare” – the imagery after being hit by the train “and now she looks how she felt on the inside”.

You’ve collaborated with several well-known artists. Who was your favorite collaboration and why?

My favorite collaboration was with RBX. I grew up listening to him on Dr. Dre’s Chronic album and later heard him on Eminem’s MMLP – it was very exciting to be working on music with him in the studio. I got to see someone I looked up to in their creative process as he wrote his verse on the spot in the studio. One of the best moments was when he was listening back to the song, he mentioned that it reminded him of the classic sound he became known for in the 90’s. He is also a very cool person and performed with me at my release party for my album Logistics.

What’s a life motto you try to live by?

Live in the moment, don’t worry too much about the future and don’t fixate on past events that you cannot change. If you concern yourself with any time but the moment you are currently in then you will never actually enjoy the life you are living.

Who’s your favorite rapper ever and why?

My favorite rapper ever has to be Tupac. It was his music that initially drew me into rap/Hip Hop and a lot of it feels timeless to me. With songs ranging from “Mamma’s Just A Little Girl” to “Me and My Girlfriend” his range of skill and creativity was apparent along with his conviction. I always thought the way he was able to express such deep and complex feelings/thoughts in such a straightforward way was incredible – it was like he was a voice for those that shared the same feelings but couldn’t find the words to express themselves. His content, storytelling and emotion is what puts him at the top of my list.

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