San Francisco/Portland artist Dubble OO returns with new music for the first since the untimely passing of his mentor and Bay area legend, The Jacka. After stepping away from music for over a year to mourn to death of his long time collaborator and gather his thoughts, Dubble OO is going full speed with his latest release “Nas No Speed Limit.” Filmed in the Hollywood Hills of California by Tha Razor and produced by Hank Iving, Dubble OO gives his own west-coast spin on the Nas classic “If I Ruled The World.” A mansion in the hills, beautiful women everywhere, and a classic California sunset, fair warning, this video might just make you pack your bags and head to straight to LA. Watch “Nas No Speed Limit” below and be on the look out for the album Next Level distributed through Empire and released by Live Wire Records available November 11th.

Dubble OO SpaceAge – Nas No Speed Limit

iTunes Pre-Order – DubbleOO – Next Level


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