Hip Hop powerhouse Empire Music presents “In The Zone”, a cYpher recorded live in Switzerland featuring La Nefera (A Lo Hecho Pecho on Bandcamp), Sonny Seeza of Onyx (Bridges on iTunes) and Swiss emcees Chilz (Innere Zirkel on iTunes) and Levo rimeD (4057 on iTunes). Everyone raps in their native languages. “In The Zone” is the first episode of the “International CYpher” series, sponsored by Empire Music, the Swiss record label led by CEO Matt “MDB” Siegenthaler whose team is responsible for releases with Sonny Seeza, Saigon, N.B.S. and Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) as well as La Nefera’s recent album A Lo Hecho Pecho_, which features Arianna Puello as well as production from Pearlbeatz and Jakebeatz. Videos are already out for “A Lo Hecho Pecho” (watch), “Quisqueya Bella” (watch) ,”Odio” (watch), “Everywhere” (watch) and “Doc Help”, (watch). The beat is produced by Thomas “Jakebeatz” Hof, DJ Tray mans the decks and the cYpher was taped live by Manuel “Manoo” Wiedemann.

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