Massachusetts-bred, LA-based emcee/producer Skipp Whitman presents the music video for “Comfortable”, shot entirely in an Ikea. Skipp has collaborated with Skyzoo and Grafh, and has opened for Kanye West, KRS-One, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, Nas and Guru. Skipp recently released visuals for “Fireworks” (watch), a song from his Piece EP (listen on Soundcloud), composed, produced, written and recorded entirely by Skipp. Skipp’s next project is called Unfinished Songs Vol. 1, a collection of original freestyles and unfinished or incomplete songs and/or ideas. it will feature all original production by myself, and multiple, cutting edge videos to be released between now and the project drop date. The “Comfortable” video was directed by AJ Lodge and conceptualized by Skipp’s brother Jesse Feinberg. “We, like most, frequent our local Ikea,” Skipp says. “And one day, while shopping, my brother Jesse mentioned ‘these look like a bunch of film sets’ – which they do. So he and I thought up this crazy idea where we use these film sets to shoot a video. The catch being, you hopefully don’t realize it’s an Ikea until the end.”

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