On the surface 2020 might feel like ‘end times’ to most people but what seems like random chaos is giving birth to purposeful order, nature is always shifting to create balance and like the seasons everything is in motion. “The Season” is the 3rd studio album by westcoast duo Grand Opus, Fresno MC Joc Scholar and Oakland producer, Centric. Expect to see the lead video-single + retail release on October 9th, 2020

LISTEN: https://grandopus.bandcamp.com/album/the-season

01. Trilogy
02. Watch & Observe
03. Plan. Plot. Strategize.
04. Time Capsule
05. Hold Ya Head Up
06. Activate
07. Cultivate Culture
08. Work in Progress
09. Family Ties
10. Higher Frequency (feat. Khae) 

• Written, Arranged & Performed by Joc Scholar• Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Centric

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