Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we politick with life coach, activist, and former pimp Andre Taylor aka Gorgeous Dre.


Andre Lavon Taylor was born on July 13 to a father who was a Pimp and a mother who was a Prostitute. From an early age, it became clear to all who knew Andre that he was destined for a life that would be nothing short of extraordinary.

From early childhood, Andre grew up inside the lining of the underworld, and in that setting gained a remarkable understanding of various facets of human nature that many people never even begin to grasp during their lives. Despite growing up in what many would consider a seedy or perhaps immoral environment, Andre’s childhood was a happy one, and one in which he enjoyed the love and attention of both his parents. Andre’s father, Mel Taylor, instilled in his son life lessons such as personal accountability, integrity, the value of spirituality, and the importance of education. Andre’s unique circumstances allowed his young mind to soak up an education in three forums; the classroom, the church, and the street.

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