While promoting his upcoming mixtape The Steppin’ Stone: All or Nuthin’ and his new single “Why I Love
David Stones sat down to “politick”with Po of the Po Politickin show.David discusses 50 Cent allegedly borrowing one of his lines, Frank Ocean, the state of Hip Hop, his upcoming mixtape and much more. Below is a excerpt from the 16 minute interview.

After being asked about rumors of 50 Cent borrowing lyrics from the upcoming Brooklyn emcee David Stones explained, “I did a song 2 years ago in 2010 called ‘Steppin Out’ and in the chorus I say ‘Young ST steppin out you know I got the weapon out, yeah, that’s what I’m about, I’m on that gritty-new-yitty-city-pretty shit,'”. He then went on to address the similarities in Fiddy’s track while also noting the link that tied both songs together, “we shot a video for it and one of the sites that put it up was BooBooTV implying that there’s a good chance of 50 actually hearing the song since it was featured on his official video blog. He continued,“in 2011 50 dropped a mixtape called [The Big] 10 and on the mixtape he had a song called ‘Queens, NY’. In his verse he said ‘We on that gritty shitty, City shit, New York, New York, Come through on that pretty shit. To clear up any speculation once and for all Po then simply asked ST “do you think he got that from you?” and he replied, “I believe so”.

Listen to the full interview via Youtube: http://youtu.be/r3PVDC4Lqfw

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