Dee Day

Welcome to another episode of PoPolitickin. In this edition, we politick with New Orleans rapper DeeDay.
Artist Bio

Rapper, writer and producer DeeDay was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 1, 1989. DeeDay grew up on the West Side of New Orleans with his older sister and parents. He saw poverty, drug deals and crime in his neighborhood but DeeDay was determined to choose a different path. As he entered his teen years, DeeDay used writing and rapping as an escape. He says, “Music takes me to another place.” He began engaging in rap battles and realized that he could hold the attention of large groups with his words. As he began to see the power of his words and rapping as a career, DeeDay released in New Orleans many street tapes before releasing four mix-tapes to the music community outside of New Orleans. The last two mix tapes were cosigned by DJ Don Cannon, a prominent Grammy Award nominated hip-hop record producer and DJ.

DeeDay has performed and appeared in more than 100 cities including Houston, New York and Miami. DeeDay’s passion is evident as he performs with a raw, relentless drive living every word. A pivotal moment in his life occurred in 2015, when his road manager was shot and killed. DeeDay immediately penned some lyrics and says it reminded him that, “Your life can change in an instant and you must live every moment to the fullest.” See his video tribute on YouTube Long Live Stunna.
DeeDay has been featured in Complex Magazine,, Hip Hop Weekly, Hot 97s That’sNuff and Power 106 in Los Angeles with Mando Fresko. His collaborations with other artists include: DMX, Juicy J, MGK, Nipsey Hussle, Kevin Gates, Bun B and Cam’ron. His video and song “Hanging On” has been aired on MTV DeeDay was featured and performed on Rock T’s Stomp Wars in 2014. This led to a demand for him to address and perform for high school students and spread his positive message of always doing the right thing to reach your goals. DeeDay’s social media presence has grown organically.

Dee Day is clearly a purveyor of bad habits in his new visual for “Smoke and Pop”, as the NOLA rapper proclaims his love for all things he’s been meaning to quit. This track will appear on Dee Day’s 72 Dreams project, slated for release in March via Street Dreams Entertainment.

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