We recently politicked with Washington, DC hip hop artist Eezy Money about the DMV Movement, Justin Timberlake, Kid Ink, and more.












Po: Thanks for coming thru politicking with us. For our first question, could you share a little about your background and how you got involved in music?

Eezy: Well I’m from Northeast Washington, DC. Early on I had the average life of a youngin in the inner city part of D.C., I grew a love for music early on. I always received encouragement with it, and I realized that I was talented. Here I am now.

Po: I interviewed many artists from the DMV and there is most certainly a movement popping. As a hip hop artists, what would you say you bringing to the movement?

Eezy: Along with a few other artist I bring the PURE D.C. feel to the movement. Early on in the DMV era I was a part of the building of the “DMV”. So I know what we have and what we can be. Right now I’m just trying to show leadership in focusing on moving to bigger milestones. Just as we were an era in the underground scene here, there have been a couple after us, we have to do what we have to do to assure that the coming generations have the game in their hands.

Po: What are five things you cannot live without?

Eezy: My son, My daughter, My family, My lady and LOUD music lol

Po: I heard working with Justin Timberland would be your dream collaboration? If you could do an official remix to any song JT has release, which would it be and why?

Eezy: Cry Me A River

Po: Who are some of the new school cats you are vibing to right now?

I’m rockin wit Kid Ink right now. Honestly, that’s it.

Po: Could you discuss some of your current projects? I just peeped out your lead single “Work Call”. Click here to listen —> Eezy Money – Work Call (Single)

Eezy: Yeah I have the “Work Call” remix comin REAL son with myself, Don Juan and Phil Da Phuture. Right now I’m working on my new album “Money Talks”. I pushed it back because we have things on the table, but both of those factors are reasons to have a definite classic.

Po: Where do you visual your career in 3 years?

Eezy: Crazy tours. A whole lot of cars that I have no time to drive so my peoples are driving em through the city. Livin in the houses I never touch also.

Po: Outside of music, what are your interest and hobbies?

Eezy: Anything monetary. My only hobby is progression, no matter the cost.

Po: What advice would you offer to aspiring artists?

Be YOURSELF, all kinds of people from all facets of life enjoy music. Make it for those people who were made like you and success will find you. Invest in yourself, have a strong team, and be strong willed. Make sure you can really make music.

Po: Once again, thanks for stopping bye. Any final words for the readers

Eezy: Follow me on twiter @EEZYMONEY google me, and hopefully LOVE me. Shoutout to Zac, Candice, DJ Lean, DJ Easy and So Street

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