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$ho-tyme is the grandson of the late Ronald Townson from multi-grammy award winning oldies group The Fifth Dimension, $ho-tyme focuses on writing and producing music that has its own unique sound that makes up Swipe District Music. Since child hood performing with the attention from others has brought out the best in the westcoast rapper/ songwriter. Losing his father and grandfather at an early age keeps inforced in his mind that he has to become his own man with no previous blueprints. Destined for stardom during high school Swipe District Music partner Royal “Cizzle” Ward released mixtapes every month from January to June in the year 2005. While writing songs for other artists $ho-tyme is currently working on his indepedent debut album hopefully to be relesed later in the summer of 2011. Working noticeably harder than the competition still flies under the radar of the mainstream but has the city of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley ears buzzing with his street hits: Its My Birthday,Fiya, Same Ol Love and many more. The confident L.A. native is known through the streets as a cocky-creative team captain that makes the best of any situation. Overcoming all the obstacles thrown his way he tries to remain focused on his dreams to be known as one of the greatest rappers alive. “You’re just as good as the competition,but i’m much better.”-$ho-tyme. Through the long years chasing a record deal Swipe District Music counterparts decided for the best that they try to accomplish every aspect the industry had to offer.Creating the locally known LandLord Swipe District which represents positive actions toward success. Recruiting a other unsigned artists to become part of the movement which will change the world forever. Releasing unit selling mixtapes such as Sex,Money &Drugs, Flyrthanavrage,Champion Theory,Afterflow,Double Personality, March Madness, and Dolla$ &Cent$. Despite the fact he is currently a full-time college student, still finds time to create, “Head-knocking bass rattling spit-fire music.”-$ho-tyme

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