As a young kid growing up in Southeast San Diego, Ise B was influenced
by the hip hop culture. At the tender age of 14 he heard a rapper
called Rakim and that changed his life. “When I heard him spit I knew
that I wanted to do that” he says. He was also influnced by a few
other things namely his surroundings. “Growing up in my era you had to
be tough or you were a victim,” that tough mentality led him to a life
of crime that eventually landed him a 13 year stint in federal prison
for armed bank robbery. “We was gangsta rappers before they had
gangsta rappers. We would hit licks and spend all our money on rap
shit” Ise B recalls. As a member of Pryhme Suspect, Ise B has shared
the stage with some southeast legends like Green Eyes, Gangsta Ern,
Black Mikey and Damu. Since being released from prison in 2005, Ise B
once again is back on the block with San Diego’s hottest record label
Wrongkind Records. “It was only natural that I get out and fuck with
Slick” he says, ” we been homies since the fourth grade.” Ise B’s
re-entry into the game goes to show you that even through struggle and
loss if you stay gee to the code you can ball again.

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