Bio: Kings Koast Music Group is collective group of individuals which consist of Hard Knox (Zak Baby & Bigg June), Toney Goldie, and Posze One. All members have met and formed a unity together equaling a family type relationship bonding in music. Kings Koast Music Group formed out of a mutual agreement between members in 2007. We are here with or with out the fame; our direction is club, dance, trap & stripper based music, we are a blend of the old and the new generation of hip hop. Our first hit “Make it Roll” which debuted on youtube with over 1,500 views to date and counting. We are constantly working on new music weekly with members in Kings Koast Music Group and beyond. hard Knox first EP has been released and it is called “Urban Shock” which has a single called “Shawtyz A Keeper” which has been featured in a mixtape in San Diego from Big Zo; which also featured hit singles from Toney Goldie and Bigg June from Hard Knox called “Get Your Bread Up”, which can be heard on the website mentioned above. We are in the process of going back to las Vegas to film another music video for our next rock hip hop single for the strip clubs and clubs titled “Puddy Kat”. You can view our past music videos by searching hardknox001, and check out our website for updates

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