Welcome to another edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick Atlanta space aged rapper Mellah Nix.

Born of a diverse background including Haitian, African Bantu, Chippewa, and Irish ancestry, Mellah Nix felt his true call to music at an early age, drawing influence from his blues-loving grandfather from Mississippi. From sketch pads to crafting design, his hands were always busy and involved in mixed media ventures. Before his mother’s tragic murder at the hands of his stepfather, she gifted him the sobriquet of Picasso, likening him to the legendary cubist painter, and told him: “Your world is your own, let people see what you see”.

After the heartbreaking incident, Mellah Nix went to live with grandparents in Chicago, where he came to true form. Mellah Nix only moves at one speed, ventra à terre, and his artistry spans from resident artist at Art Studio Miami to working with media artist legends such as Kehinde Wiley on his “Faux Real” exhibition and having his contributions appear in Art in America Magazine.

Recently, Mellah Nix endeavored to transition from visual to aural stylings, and released a mixtape unlike anything seen in our current times, ‘Sp8ceRap.’ Read more at http://hypeofflife.com/mellah-nix-interview/

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