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“Never judge a book by its cover”, especially when you think of a rapper named Seth Narley. He’s a paleskinned, piercing blue-eyed rapper, who can be misconstrued as another Eminem gimmick. If that is whatyou believe when you see rapper “Seth Narley”–born Raymon Calleja–, you definitely have another thingcoming. Seth was born and raised in the borough where Hip-Hop first originated, in the summer of ’89.When asked who his greatest influences in life are, he said his mother who was addicted to drugs, and hiscousin who was shot 16 times whom survived to tell the story. Being surrounded by these sources ofstrength; it’s obvious where Seth gets his precocious demeanor.

As a teen, he would wander throughout the streets of SOHO alone; rapping, and “dreaming of a betterlife”, he says. This influenced Seth artistically, and stimulated his already advanced mind. Seth dropped outof college his freshman year, and decided to take his rap career seriously. Since then, Seth has dropped sixmixtapes, and has an EP slated for the 4th of October, called ‘The ($)IGMAFLY EP’. Throughout hiscareer he has collaborated with Fred Da Godson, ASAP Rocky, Show Tufli, and others.

Seth is clearly obsessed with detail, and fastidious when it comes to wordplay. When Seth is in the studio orperforming, he flows like he’s actually living in his rhymes, which makes it evident that rapping is one ofhis outlets. He said, “I would describe my music as refreshing, and genre bending. Meaning that I can beon a track with Jim Jones, and also do a track with Taylor Swift”. With his laidback, genuine, cerebral andclever character, Seth doesn’t forget where he’s come from. This super-talented rapper is built for success,and he plans to share his story with the people.

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