Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode for BAMG Radio, we politick with Connecticut rapper Sikai. Sikai discusses how he survived two car accidents, battled through an addiction to pain medication, and turned the experience into the Painkilling Music Group.

Artist Bio:

Sikai is a 24-year old rap artist from Stamford, Connecticut currently building his reputation in
the Tri-State for his quick-fire cadences, genre-bending production, and most importantly his story.

The Painkilling Music Group’s frontman chooses to create organic music made to experience
through his live shows and unique visual concepts. Growing up during the 90’s, Sikai and his
older sibling experienced the culture which was dominated countless by avant-garde music
videos, hood comedies and cassette tapes though their mother wanted to shield them from the
common adult messages in the music.

Sikai began recording and sharing his music while still in middle school. The culture of rap
battles were popularized during the early 2000’s through SMACK dvds and 106 & Park’s
“Freestyle Fridays”. Though a teenager during that period, Sikai’s began to gain some traction
in his hometown for battling. When the digital era hit, and offered new do-it-yourself capabilities
Sikai choose to focus on releasing mixtapes. His early projects were released while he was still
in high school.

In the last days of 2009, DJ Rated-R hosted “Gooney Tunes Volume 1” mixtape which proved
to be a beneficial move in getting local attention for Sikai. “Shoulda Been An Album” was hosted
by DJ Ill Will, and resulted in regional shows and a fair amount of online press. While building
upon the success of these projects Sikai was involved in a serious car accident. Physically
injured from the collision, Sikai was forced to slow down on his music and rehabilitate. As with
many people going through rehabilitation periods Sikai became dependent on pain killers. Even
as Sikai began to heal, do more shows, and record new music his physical dependency of pills
became an addiction. This early stage in his extreme dependency was the inspiration for his
next project entitled, “Painkillers & Energy Drinks”. The mixtape was hosted by DJ Whoo Kid in
the Spring of 2011, and features collaborations with French Montana, Joe Budden, Dublin and
Rich Hil.

What happens when tragedy strikes twice? In the second-half 2011, Sikai was involved in
another car crash. This forced relapse took the rising artist’s addiction to a new level. Before he
could do serious damage to himself Sikai received a wake-up call, and began the never-ending
road to recovery. The formation of the Painkilling Music Group was the direct manifestation of
Sikai’s new direction. Sikai encourages people to use personal passions to combat the many
afflictions that life may bring. With a fresh mind and new purpose Sikai and the Painkilling Music
Group is set to capture more eyes and ears with his next concept mixtape, “Painkilling: 1500mg” which was released on KevinNottingham.com.

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