Team Anticipate and Respect (Team A&R), is a Hip-Hop group founded on the belief that by spreading love it will be received. The group consists of three members: Liquid, Nyce-Franklyn, and Chizz out of the Brockton/Boston area. The Hip-Hop trio in their late teens have the hunger the group possessed when they first started off back in ’01/’02 and is still evident in their music today. The group contains witty and versatile subject matter with a track-list varying from commercial songs like “Rock With Me” (2009) to the more gritty songs such as “Comfortable” (Due later in 2009). Check them out at

Po: Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. For our first question, can you tell the listeners a little bit about yourselves? Is it TEAM AnR or TEAM A&R? What does TEAM AnR stand for?

Team AnR: Team Anticipate n’ Respect (Team AnR), is a Hip Hop group out of Boston, MA on a mission to make real music. The group name has a double meaning; we anticipate what’s around us, and respect it for what it is and what it can be. In return, we expect people to anticipate who we are and respect our work ethic as well as the results.

Po: Did you grow up around Boston area? How was it?

Team AnR: Yes, the group as a whole grew up in and around the Boston area. Anyone from out here knows how it is – hustle hustle hustle; and that’s in any and every form.

The love out here is crazy though. People really do respect your grind, contrary to belief. Though that love doesn’t come easy, if you’re doing what you got to it will be recognized. Only thing that really needs help out here as far as artistic entrepreneurship is the resources. Compared to a couple years back more doors have opened, but there is more that can be done to help out independent artists.

Po: How would you describe your sound?

Team AnR: Our sound is pretty unique, I would say. “Rock with me” in particular, is a song that just came about and is different from anything we’ve done in the past. It incorporates Hip Hop, RnB, and Rock in a natural way. What we try to do is out-do ourselves with each song by correcting past mistakes and constantly working to take it a step higher. If that “step” higher involves fusing with another genre or collaborating with artists we don’t usually work with so be it. AnR doesn’t try to conform to a certain image. We are three artists with different backgrounds, different experiences, and therefore our styles are totally different.

Po: How would you define the word “success”?

Team AnR: Success is everything from surviving a day-to-day to getting that big check. I’m not going to sugar-coat it like money has nothing to do with it, because at the end of the day each of us have spent our bottom dollars trying to live this dream and wouldn’t mind a pay-off. On the other hand, I know success is something bigger than that; when you get that fulfilling feeling that you’ve living your dream and are in full control of your life, that’s success.

Po: What are the groups interests outside of music?

Team AnR: Outside of music, we all ball up together, party, and we just like chillin’, vibin’, and buildin’. You hear it all in our songs. And if you ever want to hear more music, just check out or .

Po: Where do you see the groups career five years from now?

Team AnR: 5 years from now the group will be stepping off the stage of some crazy show we just put on and still doing what we do for the love of it. Unless we all pass, the group is going to do what we do regardless of a deal. We have a real passion for this, and it isn’t a question in any of our minds that we really want to do this.

Po: Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?)

Team AnR: At this point we are looking for anything or anyone willing to work with us. I don’t really think it matters if it’s an independent label or major, we will do our thing, we just need the proper backing. Sometimes I feel like we could do it ourselves, but realistically there are a lot of channels and steps we have to take that we couldn’t do alone, yet.

Po: What advice would you give to aspiring rappers?

Team AnR: If you are serious about this game, DO NOT HALF ASS IT. You have to be on your grind and stay on your grind. You never know when opportunity is going to knock, so you have to be prepared. This isn’t an overnight thing, and when it is it doesn’t last, so like any other work you do – expect to get what you put in.

Po: Once again, thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. Any last words for the readers?

Team AnR: We want to thank everyone at Po Politickin for this opportunity to be heard and give a couple shout outs to: Mr. Wizard Records, the Team AnR family, everyone who has been supporting us, and much love to everyone continually doing what they do. The money is there we just gotta get it!

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