Back and better than ever, C Sharp and K Lien return with the off the wall visuals for their new single “Get A Bag” featuring Matt Allenn, Jamez Frazier, & Krissy G. Nothing but high energy in their latest visuals, C Sharp and K Lien bring back the feel of a 90’s posse cut giving all their people a chance to eat on the track. Letting listeners know the bag is the priority over fame, it’s refreshing to hear new music from two of our favorite Cali artists, C Sharp and K Lien. With a new project “On The Strength” available now, “Get A Bag” is just a taste of what these two artists have in store for the summer. For now, hit play on “Get A Bag” and be sure to stream the new project “On The Strength” out now. Also, teasing fans with a follow up to their classic project, we’ve heard rumors of Keep It Lit 2 dropping soon. We’ve just to have to wait and see!

On the Strength

On the Strength (Spotify)

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