What’s good everyone, this blog is going to be about balance. Many times I have been accused of wearing too many hats. Taking on too many responsibilities. So on my latest campaign, I decided to do things a bit differently. I will be recording myself as far as my mixtape is concerned. It was most likely be mixed by my producer Mannie the Don. Its going to be called THE KING OF NEW TALK. We will have youtube vid prmotion for it, in addition to the services of some web promoters marketing as well. Should be fun. I have an intern on the case as far as shows and I also enlisted a promoter who will make sure that people come out to see me perform as well. Have to use all the irons in the fire this time around. I also have a few start up internet businesses I’m involved in as well as a DVD release coming, with a different angle. Look for that as well. At some point we all must decide what we wanna do with our careers and how to make things happen as well. Its creating your destiny and securing a future for yourself and family if you have any. I myself have a fiance and a 2.5 year old, so you know business must get handled correctly. Also I’m trying to create a buzz around these records so the mixtape will have unsigned featured RNB singers and emcees as well. I will also be pulling a track or two for a lead and follow up single. The whole mixtape run will be titled ALL HAIL THE KING.

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