What’s good people? I hope all is well. By now you know that marketing and promotion is the key to a successful anything. Well in addition to using avenues such as the internet, word of mouth, advertising, free promotion is also great! Years ago I was doing print ad work just to pay bills. And since the end of 08 and in 09 these ads have been poppin up all over the place. I have been in ads for Verizon, Bank of America, and most recently I was spotted in an ad for Con Edison. Pretty reputable companies too! Its a great look and the attention it has caused is kinda cool. I was recognized by people on the train while the ads have been plastered all over the very train I was on. Also, I received quite a few myspace friend requests as well. You never know when things will come to pass. So its really good to embrace new opportunities that may come yer way. My management team is working on endorsements as well, so keep ya fingers crossed. Lol, wish me luck if you believe in it. Cam’ron once said “The best nation is do-nation” and I feel the best promotion is free promotion. Lata ya’ll!

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