New Talk is upon you. Yea and Im the King of New Talk as well. New Talk is all about pictures and vivid imagery expressed thru song. Of course you will have to hear to really grasp it but its new and fresh and takes lyricism to the next level a bit. The trax are more for the streets as well and there will be a series of mixtapes including youtube videos to support each one as well. Im excited about this project and if you are a hiphop purist as well as jus a hiphop fan period, you will be thoroughly entertained by my efforts. So…yea…thats something to look foward to. You can also check out my L CHANES KING OF NEW TALK FanPage on FB and also you follow me on, Also check out my personal website-CHANELETTAZ.COM as well. I got a lot of music coming for yall. Check me out, holl a at ya boi!!!!!!!!!!!

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