I am Joe Dent and this is No fences. With this project its more of an introduction, like on the first day of class when the professor just reads the syllabus and tell you basic guidelines for the course. This just the beginning so you should be trying to get ready for what I’m gone do next. Its all about versatility. There isn’t a beat I cant flow on. So whatever you throw at me, I gone deliver on it. Hence the title “No Fences” cause you can’t box me in….ever!


01. Roll me up something
02. Victim #1
03. Victim #2
04. Victim #3
05. Victim #4
06. Victim #5
07. Victim #6
08. Gone fire that up (skit)
09. Victim #7
10. Victim #8
11. Victim #9
12. Get this Doe
13. Victim #10
14. Victim #11
15. Still blowed (high talk)
16. I know
17. Victim #12
18. Cadillac Music (Big K.R.I.T ft. Joe Dent)
19. Cool
20. Roaches (outro)
21. Victim #13
22. Weed and my Blackberry

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