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“Flash”, aquiring his name from one of the characters from his favorite movie, the very popular classic ,”The FiveHeart Beats” as a kid he felt the pain and struggles they went through. He too had the “dream” of becoming a huge star so that the world could hear him. Flash always a standout at everything he put his hands on. Born in ALABAMA and raised in the historic Tuskegee and Montgomery Area, He did his best to live up to the prestige of the Tuskegee Airman Motto; to soar above the clouds and over all adversity.

Flash went on to realize that he was called to music and the high life of fame, but not selfishly but to put his home back on the map. Spending countless hours in front of the radio, learning and studying people he admired on tv. Flash has made himself the perfect example of what an artist can and should be. Mesmerized by the witty word-play and charisma of artist such as Nas, Jay-Z, UGK, T.I. and Cash Money; Flash himself felt the greater need to expose the world to the music within him. With the inspiration that, “Music will always be my love, even without all the money and fame she will always be my first love,” Flash went on to promote himself as an artist. With very little knowledge of promotion, and a small almost invisible fan base and budget Flash began his undying pursuit toward to the top.

Now, With the mentality of a winner, Flash wont stop until he’s one of the greatest of all time. Flash hopes to impose a new thought into the mind of those who know little about Alabama.

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