Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist/producer Sean Elliot presents the music video for “Big Boy”, his single featuring fellow Mississippi rapper and Big K.R.I.T. collaborator Big Sant. Produced by Joe On The Track, the track will appear on Sean’s forthcoming album Brown Liquor & 808s which will also feature Adam Dollar$, DQ Rodgers and Iraouree. Sean released his Preface EP (Spotify) in 2017 which spawned visuals for “Cool” (watch) and “Like Fresh” (watch). “I feel this record embodies the 808s, the basslines, and the sound in general that i was fortunate to grow up on in the 1990s,” Sean says. “Unapologetically Southern.”

How has Baton Rouge recovered and changed in the aftermath of the Gavin Long incident?

At least for the next few weeks after the incident, oh yeah cops were walking on egg shells down here. Don’t think they ( or any of us for that matter) saw that coming and my heart goes out to the families of the officers that were killed but in regards to some of their coworkers who remain…. you can’t walk around like Clark Kent thinking you can treat people however just because you have a badge and think nothing at all will ever happen. Truthfully I knew somebody would eventually take it there with BRPD. Luckily things have died down since then.

How did you get up with Big Sant? How do you guys write songs together? What’s your process?

I first got introduced to Sant About 10 years ago the same way a lot of folks did..the big homie Big K.R.I.T. ‘s early projects. His sound just embodied that country rap tunes vibe so when it was time to do Big Boy he stuck out for me as a possible feature. I reached out and we got it done but we actually weren’t together when the record was done; he sent his verse to me. We actually didn’t meet face to face until a few months later when he, his manager Shila, and the legend Fiend/International Jones pulled up to the video shoot. Needless to say that’s a day I’ll never forget.

You like to keep it old school. What are the benefits and drawbacks of that?

It’s what keeps things authentic for me. If I made a song that fits into the same rhyming style as everything else that’s on the radio;it wouldn’t sound right because it would be clear as hell that it’s not natural for me. I’m an 80s baby so my art imitates what speaks to me and what spoke to me in the past. It may not resonate with some of the younger generation but it’s my opinion that it’s not supposed to. I’ll be 30 years old on September 11th so my music isn’t for the 19-year-old that just wants to turn up 24/7.

What do you think the year in hiphop is gonna hold in store for us?

I think it’s gonna be a hot summer. Its quiet right now which makes me believe a lot of surprise releases may be on the way. Underground wise you never know what to expect and that’s what I love about it. The only underground release I knew was coming was ‘2 Player’ from Sant and the homie ‘Redcoat Da Poet’… and thats only cause Sant himself told me.

What’s next for you?

Brown Liquor & 808s is done and i’m looking at a late spring/early summer release. Also there is a joint project in the works with myself and a fellow BR artist but I don’t wanna speak on it until things are a little more set in stone but I’m definitely keeping busy. More music, beats, and performances.

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