Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are originally from the Las Vegas area?  Can you discuss your background and how you wanted to do music? 

Yes I’m originally from Las Vegas & I came up on the east side of town. I moved all around Vegas as a kid & by the time I was 16 turning 17 I was on my own cause I got kicked out of my house. Music is something I’ve been involved in since I was 16 but I started taking music serious when I was 20 

Can you talk about your artist name? 

 My artist name doesn’t come from music it came from the streets & it was my bro that gave it to me.

Who do you look up to and who helps you out manage your career?

I don’t really have too many people I look up to I will say that, I could learn from plenty of artists that have made it in the game, but as far as me looking up to any of them I don’t . 

And as far as who helps me manage my career 

It’s just ME.

I am co-signed by the Legendary Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Who is your most dedicated and loyal fan?

I have a lot of fans but I don’t know which one that is ., I appreciate them all no matter what

Can you discuss your current projects and plans for rest of 2021?2022?

My current project that is being pushed at the moment is (Vinny Vallacci). I also dropped 2 singles LEAN as well as MONEY which they both have music videos you can find on YouTube . I have a new album already done and ready to go and will release when ready

Can you describe the new single “Money”? Is there a music video for it? 

Money is a dope ass single it’s actually crazy the song was just a track that I wasn’t paying attention to at all and one day I played it for the squad and they went crazy lol they started talking shit telling me to drop it . So I Did.I don’t know what I had going thru my head the day I made it but fuck it it’s a banger .

What do you do when you are not rapping?

I have a son so I tend to him as much as possible and when I’m not making music I’m 

Still handling music Business. I own a music studio so I rent out that space and I have my own clothing line for my label so I’m always making merch. I spend a lot of time boxing & at the gym lifting weights. 

Have you worked with any known MC’s/Producers, etc already?        


I’ve worked with Soulja boy ,lil uno ,Ponce ,Samuel Christian,Killa Twan ,


Kid hazel,Mike free,

Thanks for coming thru. Any more words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

U can check out more of my music 


Apple Music


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