Noisemaker Media and Jesse Abraham Present “Yoga.”

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In the milieu of braggadocio rap and a style-over-substance Hip Hop culture, Jesse Abraham is a dynamic character straight out of left field and is a skilled lyricist who strays away from the trends of modish emcees. Yoga is light-hearted and playful jest on the physical and mental disciplines that originated in India. In playing a yoga instructor, it is endearing to see that Jesse doesn’t take himself too seriously and manages to be engaging while he revels in being self-deprecatingly entertaining. Unlike rappers who are often preoccupied in playing up their keep-it-real facade, Jesse’s fresh and ingenious approach to rap will be an interesting social experiment to observe, as he attempts to breakthrough a scene that boosts an A-alike Be-alike mind set with an unorthodox style that is inherently his own. Jesse Abraham invites an audience, old and new, into his eclectic universe and offers something more substantial than being just another retread act with predictable raps.

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