As a follow up to his “The Sessions 2” release, Mississippi native D.Horton took a different approach his “The Sessions 3” working with 3 producers, (New1Message​!​, 3Seaven, KTGotBeats) and releasing the mixtape in 3 part installments. While the production was superb for each installment, each producer brought their own style allowing Dave the Rapper to showcase different styles and flows.

Overall this is a dope project from D. Horton. I am excited and grateful to know one of best up and coming rappers is from my hometown Columbus, Mississippi. Dave also has a positive, uplifting message in his music that we all can appreciate. It great to see a rapper talking about real substance and not just material matter.

My favorite songs from each part include Living in Vein (Part 1), Sunday School Freestyle (Part 2), and Hughes Rd (Part 3).

Check out each part below. Follow D. Horton on social media via @KS_DHorton

The Sessions 3: pt. 1 (New1Message​!​)

The Sessions 3: pt. 2 (3Seaven)

The Sessions 3: pt. 3 (KTGotBeats)

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