Philadelphia rapper YOUWIN releases his latest Marsten House Recordings mixtape Hedonist. The recent release of the mixtape comes on the heels of his 2021 Marsten House released mixtape titled Eden (listen to the album). Hedonist features Producers Nick Gmerek, Joshua De Mets, Bokonon, and Arcane Beats. YOUWIN had this to say about Hedonist, “This tape is a year of my life in sound form. I really wanted to build something that was my own with “Hedonist”. Most of the production was handled in house by DJ Knick. I think that relationship really allowed me to bring a certain vibe to the project. Hedonist is a collection of songs that represent longing, love, ambition, and pain. The sounds on this project reflect the films, icons, relationships, and lifestyle that have made me who I am. It is for the rockstar, the punk, the disappointed and discontent. It is for the hedonist”.

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