Born in the beautiful Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, Dhianne Pina is a sassy, energetic, and curvious latina standing 5ft 7in. with measurements of 36″24″38. We recently talked to Dhianne about her career thus far. S/O to East Coast Finest at

Po – Hi Dhianne, thanks for joining us today. For our first question, could you please tell us how and why you started modeling?

DP – Thank you for having me!! Well I’ve always been interested in fashion and loved taking pictures. However it wasn’t until I landed a job as a model for Telemundo (Latin Tv Station) that I really started getting into the modeling business. Funny thing is how I actually landed that job was a total fluke. I was asked as a favor to host an event and before you know it I was signing a contract.

Po – For a mother of two, your body is bang girl 36″24″38 ouch lol… What’s your secret?

DP – Aww thank you!! Quite honestly there is no secret. I can out eat any man lol. I thank god everyday for my metabolism because the way I eat I shouldn’t even be able to move lol.

Po – Describe your ideal man? Any racial preferences?

DP – Well as far as personality I love a man with a sense of humor. I’m a goof ball so I cant have a guy that’s all serious lol. Honest, caring, good with children. Physically my ideal man would definitely have to be tall, dark and handsome. I love a man with height because I’m not a short girl. Nope no racial preference I’m a “whatever catches my eye” kinda girl.

Po – Tell us the best pickup line you heard?

DP – Oh god where do I start lol. Well a guy came up to me once and said “If you were a juice you’d be Veryfine” lol. It was corny but it made me smile.

Po – What makes you feel sexy?

DP – That would definitely have to be stilettos and my favorite lipgloss oh and sexy undergarments. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing as soon as the heels come on I feel super sexy

Po – Money or Love?

DP- I’m a hopeless romantic. Even though I’ve only been in love once it was the best feeling in the world. Money is great dont get me wrong and I’m a girl that loves the finer things in life but I know it would never buy me that feeling and for that reason I would have to choose love.

Po – Food or Sex?

DP – See now this is a tough one for me because I looooooove both lol. AAAAhhhhh lol I’m stuck!!can I have both??? lol.. Ummm if I haaave to pick only one it would probably have to be food (uugghh I hate myself for this one lol) and that’s ONLY because you can die without food you won’t die without sex lol

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