1. Thanks for stopping by “Po Politickin”. For starters, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

-Thank you for having me sweetie. Well for those who do not know; I am Dymond reppin the dmv area (dc. md. va.) I am a model/aspiring actress. So be on the lookout because I’m claiming 09 as my year.

2. I read that you are from Virginia, how was growing up in VA?

-I’m really from New Mexico but moved around so much I just claim VA since I’ve been here longer. But growing up in VA was a real learning experience. Got to be around the best of both worlds…I learned a lot growing up in the hood and the suburbs. I am very street smart and owe that to VA.

3. How did you get involved in modeling?

-Actually started out acting and just gave up after my last play. Was walking through the mall and a talent scout stopped me when I was like 14. Figured if he saw something in me, then the rest of the world will. Took it and ran with it now look at me.

4. I did my research and I discovered you were June 2008 “Jet Magazine Beauty of the Week“; can you talk about that experience?

-Now I owe that all to Tom from MySpace. (Lol) Ms. Raquel Riley, one of the photographers, seen my pics on MySpace and asked to shoot me for Jet. That was my 1st national magazine; I mean who doesn’t look at Jet. So that was very exciting

5. I also heard that you have a role in the upcoming movie “Notorious“. Can you talk about role? How was the atmosphere on the set while recording?

-I play the role of a “hot girl” basically trying to get with biggie because he’s about to blow up. It was fun working with Derek Luke, Marc John Jefferies and the rest of the cast. It’s actually my first movie and the cast taught me a lot. I’ve always been a huge fan of bad boy and to be on the set and witness the life of big is just a blessing. Make sure everyone gets out there to theaters Jan 16. It’s a really good movie.

6. Besides modeling, what are your other interests?

-Definitely would be acting, fashion design, and massage therapy. I can throw down on a good massage (lol) you’re more than welcome to have a sample.

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

-having a successful career. I’ll probably branch off from modeling into acting full time and possibly have my own clothing line. We are looking into that now. Have some hot ideas.

8. Okay now it’s time to “politick”. Let’s say the position you were running for was “the hottest model in 2009”, what would be your campaign speech?

-I wouldn’t have to campaign. My fans have already voted me the hottest model of 09. So I guess all id have to say is “thank you very much”

9. Once again, I appreciate you stopping by. Any last words for the readers?

-Well thank you for having me Po. It was a pleasure. I’d like to give a shout out to my mom for always being there for me holding me down. My best friend/stylist Smokey, my cousin Shade for keeping me fly from NY,…Ray for believing in me and keeping it oh so real with me. I had to deal with a bunch of crap til’ I met u babe. The whole cast and crew from Notorious for giving me the words of advice to keep grinding and letting me know I am a good actress. Love all my haters, keep hating, yell make me go even harder and stronger. Make sure everyone gets to theaters Jan 16.

Also you can find me on MySpace at myspace.com/dymondprinceces and check out my site at www.dymondXclusvice.com. And lastly pick up a calendar at throttleangels.com

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