Welcome to another edition of PoPolitickin. In this episode, we politick with WrongKind Records artist Eddie MMack.

​Eddie Mmack is a young rap artist from San Diego, California. Using his words of experience to reveal the image of his community and the way he was brought up in South East San Diego, Ocean View area. Eddie MMack brings a clear sound that incorporates all elements of hip hop music ranging from a calm approach to an aggressive approach. Eddie MMack brings the reality of being young in the streets and surviving in the game to his music and has already completed 5 full cd mix tapes that are currently being released online. Eddie MMack started rapping at the age of 15 influenced by friends who shared the same dream. When he reached 17 Eddie MMack was arrested for a year and once released he went back for another 6 months. During those 6 months he received his GED and upon release moved on to trade school to develop a higher education. Besides school Eddie Mmack focused on hustling, rapping, working, obtaining certificates of achievement, and meeting leaders in his local community.

Eddie MMack represents Tha Wrongkind and the Madness Mob influenced by the Loving Memory of his friend Michael Taylor aka Mike Madness, who passed away when Eddie was 15 years old. Since then the Madness Mob has grew with members who knew Michael Taylor personally and also share a part in music. Today Eddie MMack is dropping Multiple Mixtapes and working on albums at the same time he’s going to school for a higher education. On his free time Eddie MMack makes music and hang out with friends from his child hood to remain the person he’s always been, but the difference is he has an education and with the motivation from Mitchy Slick is presents in the music industry is becoming stronger.​

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