In this episode of Po Politickin, we are joined by XP The Marxman. Born and raised in the gritty streets of Los Angeles, XP The Marxman had to hustle his way from poverty to evolve into one of the most unique artists to come from the LA music scene. With heavy complex lyricism, XP reveals some of the rawest of human emotions as he brings you into his experiences, both positive and negative. With music as his weapon, XP strives to keep himself away from his own darkness and attract nothing but positive energy. His passion to be a positive influence in the world has led him to fund charities in the Philippines to help the underprivileged youth, by providing productive outlets for expression. Running his own medicinal cannabis business, this busy leader always makes the time to stay musically creative. With few entrepreneurs like this in the arena, XP stands out with one message: “This is Mijo Music.”

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