Commentary on “Spring Cleaning” from Probcause:

“Spring Cleaning” is a project originally titled “Once A Week” in which I wrote and recorded a new song, every week, for 10 weeks. I began doing this partially for myself, as an exercise in my craft- but also as a way to create an assortment of songs that experimented with genres outside the lines of traditional hip-hop. After the 10 weeks, I sat down with my DJ/Brother (DJ Grimmace) to select the best songs from “Once a Week,” and combine them with the best and most original songs from my catalog of unreleased material. This was the idea behind the title “Spring Cleaning.” I felt like I was cleaning out my closet during the process of piecing together this album- paring the gems from my back stock of music with my favorite songs from the new slew of tracks. I incorporated production from an expansive list of producers (both commercial and original) to create a quasi-mixtape that encompasses a wide range of styles and genres. This unique combination of music paints the picture of a 23 year old Chicago artist and rapper trying to avoid a 9-5 in a shitty economy- and maintain creativity within a struggling scene.”

Tracklisting for ProbCause’ “Spring Cleaning”:

1.) What Your Looking For
2.) Spring Cleaning
3.) The Recipe
4.) Chicago Girls
5.) Popular Demand (Fishkeg)
6.) Blog Rap
7.) Saturday Mourning
8.) No Ya Know
9.) Whiskey on the Rocks
10.) In Too Deep
11.) Broadway
12.) Chicago Girls TGIK Remix
13.) Spring Cleaning Outro
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